Couples and Families

Counseling that involves multiple people is not suited for all situations but when it is, working as a group is often exceptionally useful. This work involves much of the individual counseling process, but includes the added benefit of literally bringing part of each individual’s system into the counseling room.

A person’s “system” describes many elements such as one’s family, friends, work relationships, peers, church, culture, etc. The concept of a system illuminates the connectedness of everyone and consequently how individuals are kept in place and impacted through countless connections. An example, let’s say you very much want to eat differently to be healthier. This will very likely impact your spouse or partner, children, finances, social engagements, etc. Sooner or later, you feel resistance from various people in your system. Your partner doesn’t want to eat that way, neither do your kids, and so on. A change in you ripples out into your system. Systems are great at preventing enduring change because they are based on keeping things normal.

Likewise, when you have the support and motivation of others, change is that much more possible and sustainable. As you can see, systems are always relevant in the therapeutic process, but in couples and family counseling the system is actively involved in the system- wide process of change. Here, each individual and the relationships between them are the focus and impacted by the process. This can be exceptionally beneficial in certain situations.

In systems work, I do not take sides. I listen and participate intently to help illuminate the useful and unproductive patterns at play in the relationship(s). We hone in on each person’s motivations and goals to stay sure this is a work we want to do. I utilize various therapeutic interventions to facilitate development of better communication, better understanding of oneself and the other person(s). I strive to help everyone realize and own the various wounds and goals at play in each person and the system. All members are equally heard and are of equal importance.

If this sounds like it may benefit you and your partner or children, please use the button below to view my schedule and book an appointment.

Our standard 50 minute appointment rate is $150. However, we offer a sliding scale based on need. Please don’t let financial concerns deter you from booking. If you have a need for this option, please indicate it when prompted during the online intake process and I will reach out by phone before your appointment.